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I am a graduate of Goshen College with a degree in Fine Arts and Art Education. I have been creating art since I was a child which led to a pursuit of an art degree and eight years of teaching high school fine arts, computer graphics, web design, and music. Early in my career, I joined a family business designing jewelry and have done that alongside my other pursuits. Making functional art in the form of sculptural clocks and lamps is another one of my media. I have shown work in galleries and a few major museums in Northern Indiana. My eclectic works include painting, sculpture, functional art, and jewelry. When I am not making art I am making music and have performed professionally and semi-professionally all over the country and with many great musical artists. I love recording in my spare time. I have many hobbies, but one of my favorites is tube amp building. I also enjoy kayaking and have written about it in my BLOG. I talk about trips that I have taken and places that I have paddled. My family is the most important aspect of my life. I have been with the same woman for 30 years and have three great kids. Family is everything. Currently I work for Gemeinhardt Musical Instruments doing website maintenance, website creation, photography, CNC setup, and production. Formerly, I worked as a web designer and IT guy for a large construction company in Pleasant View, TN. I specialize in Web Design, SEO, PHP, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Adobe Suite, and many other applications. I now live in Elkhart, Indiana. I have been writing a few books over the past few years. You can read some of the manuscripts by clicking here-BOOKWRITING. Peace and many blessings to you! Rex Ellsworth

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I think that I have always been drawn to the visual arts. It has just been an integral part of my being.


I have been designing professionally for years. Here is a sampling of my work.


Listen to some home recording and some studio covers. It's all for the love of music!

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Song Writing and Music

I have played music since I was 9 years old when I joined the grade school band. My teacher, Mr. Myers, put me in the advanced study program which led to earning several gold medals at state and national competitions playing solo trumpet. I played through high school while continuing private study and was featured as soloist in jazz band, but soon found the guitar. When I started playing guitar, the trumpet playing slowed down a bit. The guitar offered a way to sing and accompany myself which led to years of songwriting and performing and working at developing a vocal style. I have played with many bands over the years and have done thousands of shows all across the country. It pretty much started in the 80s with the band "Newcomer 19," and included bands like "The County Line Band," "Leos Crush," "Don Savoie and the Blue Ice Band," "ETA," "Voglesang," "The Getdowns," and most recently the band "Eclipse."I now live in Elkhart, Indiana where I enjoy playing the guitar and singing in local clubs with the band or solo. I started playing for church while still in high school offering my guitar playing as a part of the worship team at my parent's church. I joined the worship arts team at Granger Community Church and served on the team as guitar, drummer, and bass guitar player for 15 years. I also served as the contemporary worship director for Trinity Lutheran Church in Goshen, Indiana, in charge of the contemporary worship service. I have played in several worship and contemporary christian band projects like "Newcomer 19" and "Voglesang (Birdsong in German)" where I wrote or co-wrote many of the original music scores for the bands. I consider myself a life-long seeker and learner. Truths are revealed in many different ways on life's journey. I still enjoy playing the trumpet and saxophone and do solo gigs for local clubs and events. Music is the one constant in my life and has always brought me joy! Here is a link to some song files. MUSIC